Monday, May 2, 2011

A Viking Ship for Brendan by Catherine Simpson

A Viking Ship for Brendan, written by Catherine Simpson and illustrated by Joanne-Snook Hann, tells the story of Brandon, a boy that lives in L'Anse aux Meadows,   Newfoundland. Brandon wants a viking ship, and one day his dream comes true, at least it seems too.  While wondering along the beach he finds a little carved viking boat and when he rubs it to clean it a bit suddenly a real viking boat and a real viking appear and they take Brandon on an adventure.  Was it for real, or was it all a dream?

This is the third book that I've featured by the duo of Catherine Simpson and Joanne-Snook Hann, the first being The Turnip Top Pony and the second being There are No Polar Bears Here!.

Anna and I enjoyed this book and I found it interesting that the viking ship Brandon picked up worked somewhat like a Genie's bottle.  I have to say, though, that this was probably our least favorite of the three by this duo.

I did a little search online for some viking related activities and came up with this Viking Ship page that is written in Sweddish.  It has pdfs to patterns that can be used to make your own paper viking ship.  The instructions are all in Sweddish but it seems pretty easy to figure out.

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