Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Silly Codfish Tale by Pat Whelan and Arlene Luke

The text in A Silly Codfish Tale is written in English by Pat Whelan and in French by Arlene Luke.  The book is illustrated by Ronan Kennedy.  In the book Dapper Tom Codfish tells about his life in the sea, and about what happens when he gets caught and eaten.  Each double page spread has a text page and an illustration page.  Illustrations are pencil drawings.  Text is just a sentence or two on each page and there is an English and French version on each page.

I thought this book was rather silly, but Anna thought it was great.  I think some children might have a problem with the story going right to the idea of the fish being eaten, but it didn't bother Anna.  I did like that I the book encouraged some discussion about the French language and we had some fun trying to read some of the French text.

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