Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Red Wolf written and illustrated by Margaret Shannon

The Red WolfIn The Red Wolf, written and illustrated by Margaret Shannon, Roselupin's father keeps her locked up in a tower to protect her from the evil world until she uses a gift she received for her 7th birthday to make herself a special wolf suit to get out.  This book has many different twists and turns that you don't expect.

I wasn't sure what I thought of this book.  It's a little too weird for my liking.  Anna seemed to think it was okay.  I may have to go back to it again some time to see if I feel any differently.

I found an online interview with Margaret Shannon talking about The Red Wolf.  I thought it was interesting that in the interview she says that The Red Wolf is not the type of book that she would have liked as a child but some children do like these types of books.  I also enjoyed listening to the people from Just One More Book blog talk about their thoughts about The Red Wolf.

If you read the book, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

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