Thursday, May 12, 2011

Emily & the Captain: A High Seas Adventure by Noelle Hall

Emily & the Captain: A High Seas Adventure, written by Noelle Hall and illustrated by Mel D'Souza, is part of a series of books set in Newfoundland. In this book the captain and his crew get lost at sea because of a curse by the evil sea imp but Emily and the animals help to find and rescue them.  This is a chapter book that we spread out over the week reading a couple of chapters each day.

This is our second Emily and the Captain book and Anna really enjoys them.  At first I wasn't crazy about them but I've grown to look past what I don't like and I don't mind them quite as much.  I'm not a fan of fantasy and these books have an element of fantasy.

Emily & the Captain: A High Seas Adventure was one of the prizes donated by Breakwater Books for our April reading challenge, and they actually donated 5 copies of the book.

Though neither the author or illustrator are from Newfoundland, they both have a Newfoundland connection of some sort.  Noelle Hall lives in the states but has roots in Newfoundland.  Mel D'Souza is a Newfoundlander at heart.  This is actually the 4th book that I've featured that was illustrated by Mel D'Souza, the first being At Ocean's Edge, the second Captain Bob Bartlett and the Karluk Adventure, and the third The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett.  Mel seems to like working on books with a Newfoundland theme.

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