Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze by Roslyn Schwartz

The Mole Sisters and the Cool BreezeThe Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze, written and illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz, is a little book with just a sentence or so per page. The Mole sisters are looking for a cool breeze but can't find one and end up making one by fanning themselves with dandelion leaves, and that's the beginning of some fun happenings.

Anna has watched The Mole Sisters cartoon on TV before, but I didn't realize that the cartoons were based on books written by a Canadian.  If this one is any indication, these are great books for preschoolers and early readers.  Anna was thrilled to find the familiar characters in a book and she remembers watching a cartoon episode based on this particular book.  The fact that there was just a sentence or two per page also made it easy for her to help with the reading.

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