Sunday, May 8, 2011

In My Daughter's Eyes by James Slater

In My Daughter's EyesThe boardbook In My Daughter's Eyes features a song written by James Slater.  The lyrics of the song are spread out through the pages of the book along with beautiful illustrations by Lela Dowling depicting mother/daughter moments.  Tucked inside the front cover of the book is a CD featuring Martina McBride singing the song.  On James Slater's website you can hear James Slater sing In My Daughter's Eyes and other songs and I also found a YouTube video of Martina McBride singing In My Daughter's Eyes.

The lyrics to the song are beautiful but the message is definitely geared towards adults.  This is one of those children's books that is really meant more for adults than children.  That said, however, Anna declared that she loved this book when we read it together and she also loved listening to the song.  It's not that children won't enjoy the book, but really it's the adults that will probably get the most out of it.

I decided to feature this book today in honor of Mother's Day.  Though the theme of the book is not specifically Christian I've decided to classify it as a Christian book because of the part of the lyrics where it says that the child is a miracle from God.

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