Friday, May 20, 2011

There's a Cow Under My Bed by Valerie Sherrard

There's a Cow Under My Bed!In There's a Cow Under My Bed, written by Valerie Sherrard and illustrated by David Jardine, Oscar is confused by some common sayings.  For instance, Oscar is convinced a cow lives under his bed and must come out and lick his head while he's sleeping because when his mom combs his hair in the morning she says he has cowlicks.  That's just one sample of the funny literal takes on well known sayings that make this book funny.  The text has some rhythm and rhyme to it that makes it fun to read.

This book is the second that I've featured by this duo, the first being There's a Goldfish in my Shoe!. Anna and I both enjoyed There's a Cow Under My Bed a little more than There's a Goldfish in my Shoe!.

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