Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Ben's Dig by Daniel Wakeman

Ben's Big DigDaniel Wakeman is the author of Big Ben's Dig, illustrated by Dirk van Stralen.  It is a wordless book where the pictures tell the story of Ben's visit with his pie making grandmother and his attempt to escape by digging a tunnel in her yard.  He ends up with a fountain spewing up from the tunnel and his grandmother having to throw all the pies out the window to stop up the hole.

It sounds kind of funny to say that a wordless book is written by someone but what it means is that the author came up with the story idea and told the illustrator what he wanted the pictures on each page to say.

I thought this was a rather silly book, but Anna did enjoy it.  I used it as a chance to talk about using pictures, instead of words, to tell a story.

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