Monday, May 9, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett by Susan Chalker Browne

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett
I guess The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett, written by Susan Chalker Browne and illustrated by Mel D'Souza, could be classified as historical fiction in that the story it tells is true, but the exact dialogues and details are what the author surmised may have happened given the facts she had to work with. It tells the story of Captain Bob Bartlett, a Newfoundlander that lead Arctic expeditions, from childhood right up to his death. Captain Bartlett received the Royal Geographical Society Award for outstanding heroism for his role in saving the lives of some of his passengers and crew after they got stuck in the ice during one of his expeditions.

This is a small chapter book and I wondered how interested Anna would be in it, but she was actually very interested.  A while back we had read Ron Young's book about Captain Bob Bartlett and she remembered that and reminded me of it while we were reading this book.

This is the third book I've featured by the duo of Susan Chalker Browne and Mel D'Souza.  The first was At Ocean's Edge and the second was Marconi's Secret.  I like Chalker Browne's books because they make stories from our history accessible to young children.  They are great resources for social studies lessons.

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