Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pierre Le Poof! by Andrea Beck

Pierre Le Poof!In Pierre Le Poof!, written and illustrated by Andrea Beck, Pierre wants to be a normal dog instead of a show dog, just for a while.  But when he finally gets the chance to be a normal dog for a few hours he realizes that he likes his life just the way it is.

Anna loved this book, partly because she loves any book that includes a dog but also because it really is a cute story.  This is the second book I've featured that is both written and illustrated by Andrea Beck, the first one being Elliot's Fire Truck.  Andrea was also the illustrator for Buttercup's Lovely Day, another book I featured earlier. Andrea Beck is fast becoming an author/illustratot that we really like.

On Andrea Beck's website there are all kinds of neat things to do related to the Pierre Le Poof! book.  In the For Kid's section click on Demonstrations to watch a time lapsed demonstration of Andrea Creating one scene from Pierre Le Poof! from a small story board to a full page illustration.  Under Printable Pages in the For Kid's Section you will find a pdf instructional page on how to Draw Pierre Le Poof! and a pdf to make a Pierre Le Poof Headband.  Under the Games section click on Pierre's Puzzle Game to choose a picture and the number of pieces you want in the puzzle to do an online puzzle. Under the Readings by Andrea section you will find a link to Andrea Beck reading Pierre Le Poof! and you will also see all the pages as she reads.

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