Friday, May 6, 2011

Mary of Mile 18 by Ann Blades

Mary of Mile 18In the beginning of Mary of Mile 18, written and illustrated by Ann Blades, Mary has a feeling something special is going to happen.  She goes through the day with her normal activities watching for the special thing.  She sees a pup and thinks maybe the special thing might be that she will get the pup. but her father won't allow it....until the pup proves his worth.

Anna loved this story and I liked that I could use it to teach her a little bit more social studies by talking about how life has changed over the years and how it is even different today in different parts of the world.

Mary, in this book, is based on a child the author taught in British Columbia.  This was the author's first book and it received the CLA Children's Book of the Year award in 1971.

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