Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bible Stories of Boys and Girls

Bible Stories of Boys and Girls (Little Golden Book)Though we loved the book, I'm having a little trouble deciding how to post about the Bible Stories of Boys and Girls book that we borrowed from a friend a while back.  When I searched Amazon for the book I came up with the one pictured to the left, but the cover and the author are different than the one that we read, even though they are both Little Golden books.  I found a picture of the Bible Stories of Boys and Girls book with the same cover as the one we read on another site.  Taking a look at the inside pages of the book online it appears that the content is much the same as the one we read.  I'm thinking that the amazon copy is an updated version of the book.   It tells the stories of boys and girls from the Bible.  The Bible Characters covered are Rebekah, Joseph, Miriam, Samuel, and David.  The book we read credited Jane Werner with the retelling and the pictures were by Rachel Taft Dixon and Marjorie Hartwell, whereas the one on amazon is credited to Christin Ditchfield as the author and Jerry Smath as the illustrator.

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