Monday, May 23, 2011

Canadian Starters: Newfoundland

Canadian Starters: Newfoundland is part of a Canadian Starters series of books published by GLC Publishers Limited in Ontario in 1981.  I couldn't find anything about the book online but I wanted to share it because we enjoyed it.

The books is copyright to Pamela M. Langston 1981 and the illustrations are by Sigrid Schmitt.  The ISBN is 0-88874-301-7.

The back of the book says "Starters books are written and designed with young readers in mind.  They are vocabulary controlled and the contents have been carefully checked by a critic reader and teacher panel. Each book contains questions for teacher-directed learning, bright and simple illustrations, interesting and informative text, picture glossary and a table of facts."

Some of the information in the book is, of course, outdated but it is a great book for social studies learning.  Anna thought it was wonderful.  I'd love to see an updated version of it.

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