Monday, May 30, 2011

The dot com Leprechaun by Caroline Stellings

The dot com Leprechaun, written and illustrated by Caroline Stellings, is set in a community on the Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland.  Lucy is sad that her family has to leave their home in Newfoundland and when she turns to her computer for a distraction a Leprechaun pops up on the screen and asks her to help him or he's going to be driven from his home.  Lucy is afraid to do what he asks, go down into a root cellar to get something for him, but she overcomes her fear and helps the Leprechaun keep his home. In return the Leprechaun helps Lucy find an artifact, a ring that belonged to John Cabot, that will make it possible for her family to stay in Newfoundland.

Anna enjoyed the story and I liked the fact that it gave me the chance to talk to her about some things that she didn't know anything about, like root cellars and John Cabot and the imaginary world of leprechauns and fairies.

This book is one of the books that was donated by Breakwater Books for our April reading challenge.

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