Sunday, January 30, 2011

Todd's Day, God's Way: Learning about Godly Character by Laura Derico

Todd's Day, God's Way (Baby Blessings)In Todd's Day, God's Way: Learning about Godly Character, written by Laura Derico and illustrated by Peter Wilkes, Todd the tiger learns how to behave as God would want him to behave in different situations.  Each double page spread covers a different situation and shares a Bible verse that reinforces the Godly character that is to be displayed in the situation.

This is a board book from our own personal library.  On the book it says it is for children ages 2-4 but Anna still enjoys it.  Actually she enjoys trying to read parts of it by herself and it does help remind her of how she should act in different situations.  I'm thinking that I may use this for practice in reading and also use the verses as part of our memory program.

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