Monday, January 31, 2011

Maggie and Hero by Margaret O'Brien

Maggie and HeroMaggie and Hero, written by Margaret O'Brien and illustrated by Veselina Tomova, tells about a puppy named Maggie that is always getting in trouble and feels like she's no good for anything, until she meets a big dog named Hero.  Hero convinces her that she is good for something and with Hero's encouragement Maggie herself becomes a hero and rescues a boy.

What kid doesn't like a story about dogs?  Anna thought it was great.

Maggie and Hero are featured on the Fineday books website.  It was actually the first children's book published by Fineday Books and according to the website "the book is an attempt to stimulate interest in the only two recognized breed dogs which originated in Canada".  Maggie is a Labrador Dog and Hero is a Newfoundland Dog.  You will find some information about Newfoundland Dogs and Labrador dogs on the FAQ page of the Fineday books site.   You'll also find colouring pages for both Maggie and Hero.

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