Monday, January 24, 2011

Star's Island by Margaret O'Brien

In Star's Island, written by Margaret O'Brien and illustrated by Veselina Tomova , Star the pony loves his small island in the middle of the ocean, but one day Cordell, a big white bird, convinces him to check out the big island where Cordell insists everything is bigger and better.  Star decides to go and check it out for himself.  Star enjoys himself, but he longs to get back to his little island again.  In the end Cordell and Star decide that even though they both prefer different places they can still be best friends.

This is a cute story that makes me think about how many Newfoundlanders feel about their home.  I'm sure most Newfoundlanders will be able to relate to Star's feelings about his little island.  Children enjoy the book because it is about pony's.  I know that's why Anna liked the book.

After much searching online I did find some information about the author and illustrator.  Margaret O'Brien's books have been published by Fineday Books, a company owned by three Newfoundland women.  It is on the What is Fineday page that I found out the Margaret O'Brien was one of the producers of CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show.  On the How the book was illustrated page that Veselina Tomova was actually born in Bulgaria by now lives in St. John's and has an art studio there.

I did find a YouTube video of the book's launching.  This is a brand new book was just launched in July of 2010 so maybe there will be more info available in the future.


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  2. The illustration look to be extremely beautiful! I love the cover art here.