Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emma's Treasure by Gerald Mercer

Emma's TreasureEmma's Treasure, written by Gerald Mercer and  illustrated by Jillian Nicol, is another great book that we found at our local library.  We loved it!

One day while exploring  her grandfather's shed Emma finds an old trunk that once belonged to her great-great grandfather.  The trunk leads to all kinds of learning for Emma and her friends.

This is actually the first Emma book written by Gerald Mercer.  I featured the second one he wrote, Emma's New Game, earlier.  I love the Emma books because they are great resources to use to teach children an appreciation for their culture and heritage.  The trunk that Emma finds in Emma's Treasure is a trunk that her great-great grandfather used to take with him on a fishing boat and it contains his fishing clothes and a squeeze box, among other things.  Many children today know nothing about such things and coming across them in this book may inspire them to learn more about them and to ask their grandparents about them.  This time around we enjoyed the book for the story but we will be coming back to it again in the future for some social studies lessons.

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