Friday, January 21, 2011

Sadie And The Snowman by Allen Morgan, illustrated by Brenda Clark

Sadie and the SnowmanIn Sadie And The Snowman, by Allen Morgan, Sadie has great fun building snowmen all throughout the winter, though she is a little sad at first when the animals keep picking her snowman apart. She keeps using different things to make the snowman. When the snowman starts to melt in the heat she does everything she can to save him and in the end places what's left of him in a bowl under her bridge.  When it melts she puts the water into a bag and keeps it in her freezer to keep a piece of her snowman with her until winter comes again and she can rebuild him.

This is a really cute story.  Anna loved it.  The pictures are great and the repeated phrases and patterns in the book make it fun to read and fun to listen to.

Both Allen Morgan and Brenda Clark live in Ontario and both have many other works to their names.

While the book is great to read just for fun I found a website that suggested some great learning activities inspired by Sadie and the Snowman.

I also found a YouTube video of a reading of Sadie and the Snowman featuring the pictures from the book.

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  1. We loved this book too! Read my review to get other ideas for activities with your kids that go along with this book.