Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland

Big Bear HugBig Bear Hug by Nicholas Oldland is a funny story about a bear that loved to hug everything he came into contact with, including trees and animals of all shapes and sizes.  One day, however, he saw something that he didn't like and he didn't feel like hugging, but he decided to put his anger aside and hug anyway.  Surprisingly the hug resulted in what he wanted to happen.  You have to read the story to really understand what all that means.

This is the first book by Canadian author and illustrator Nicholas Oldland.   Normally  Nicholas's drawings are found on clothing and products which he and his brother's sell in their Hatley Store.  There are even some Big Bear Hug products available in the store -

Big Bear Hug is just a fun book that Anna and I both enjoyed.

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  1. Good choice!

    This is one of my daughter and I's favourite books to read.
    Such a simple book, but there are so many messages contained within the story.
    I hope that as she grows up, she stays in love with this book and the messages it gives us.