Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fox Walked Alone by Barbara Reid

Fox Walked AloneFox Walked Alone is a fun book to read when covering the story of the flood.  Fox doesn't understand why so many animals are traveling together two by two so he decides to follow them and see what's up.  That's how he ends up on Noah's ark.  The story is told in wonderful rhyme and the illustrations give you so much to take in and talk about.

This book is another great one by Canadian author and illustrator Barbara Reid.  The really interesting thing about her illustrations is that she makes them out of plasticine.  The illustrations of the different birds and animals in this book are amazing.  If you haven't already checked out Barbara Reid's website make sure you do.  In the About Plasticine section of her website you will find all kinds of great stuff including, in Projects One and Two, step by step instructions on how to make snakes and bugs and cats .

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