Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Perfect Snow written and illustrated by Barbara Reid

Perfect SnowThe Perfect Snow, written and illustrated by Barbara Reid, is the perfect book to read on a winter day, or any other day.  Being a Canadian, Barbara Reid is very familiar with snow and she uses that knowledge to write a fun book with amazing illustrations.

Scott and Jim are thrilled to wake up to find snow!  They don't mind that they still have school because they have great fun playing in the snow during recess.  The fun is not without its challenges but the fun wins out.

Get a peek at some of the book in this video intro to The Perfect Snow, with the author reading part of the book while some of the illustrations flash on the screen.

Barbara Reid's website also has a link to a video where she talks about the inspiration for the The Perfect Snow.  I love the section of the video where she is working on an illustration for the book.

While the story is great, the illustrations are amazing!  It's no surprise that the book won The Amelia Francis Howard Gibbon Award for Illustration in 2010.  In this video from her site you can watch a scene from The Perfect Snow come to life step by step - such a fascinating process!

Anna and I are both big Barbara Reid fans and we've read every book by her that that our local library has.  Reading this book and checking out her website inspired us to try our own hand at some Barbara Reid inspired art.  Barbara Reid is one of our favorite Canadian authors and The Perfect Snow is one of our favorite Barbara Reid books. You don't want to miss checking it out.  


  1. Jessica did a couple of plasticine pics over Christmas holidays. I should post them.

  2. I've not heard of this author but I will look forward to exploring her books now! Thanks!

  3. Oh, Carrie, you don't know what you've been missing. I'd love to hear which books you check out and what you think of them.