Monday, June 6, 2011

One is Canada by Maxine Trottier

One is Canada, written by Maxine Trottier and illustrated by Bill Slavin is a great example of a picture book that can be used with children of all ages.  Younger children will enjoy checking out the numbers 1-10 on the bottom of the cover and pointing out the numbers on the pages inside the book.  Children that are a little older will enjoy the repeated phrases that will allow them to help with the "reading".  With children that are a little older still you can talk to them about the significance of specifically Canadian things that Trottier connects with each number.  The oldest children can be assigned research or essay topics inspired by the book.  All ages will admire the creative artwork of Bill Slavin in the book.  Maxine's website has a pdf link of Activity Suggestions for One is Canada.

The first time we read this book Anna was enthralled with the pictures.  She thought they were wonderful.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn't crazy about the book the first time we read it, but the more we read it the more I saw the potential in the book and the more I enjoyed it.  It is definitely a book we will come back to again.

This is the third book I've featured by Maxine Trottier, the first being Forget-Me-Not, and the second being Flags.  Each of the books I've featured by Trottier has been illustrated by a different illustrator.

This is that fifth book that I've featured that was illustrated by Bill Slavin.  The first was The Farm Team, the second Stanley's Little Sister, the third Bigbeard's Hook, and the fourth Stanley's Party.

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