Monday, June 20, 2011

Duncan's Way by Ian Wallace

Duncan's WayDuncan's Way, written and illustrated by Ian Wallace, is set in outport Newfoundland and tells the story of how 11 year old Duncan comes up with an idea to help his family.  Duncan's dad struggles with the loss of his way of life and livelihood since the fishery closed.  His mother thinks the family should move from Newfoundland to start a new life, but Duncan comes up with a plan to help his father make a living and stay in Newfoundland.

Anna was not terribly interested in the story but she did like the pictures.  I have mixed feelings about the book.  It portrays real life struggles that some Newfoundlanders faced with the closing of the fishery and I can see some people really being able to relate to the story while I see others being offended by some aspects of the story.

On Ian Wallace's website you can find a sample spread from Duncan's Way and learn about the family that Wallace used as models and inspiration for the illustrations in the book.

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