Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Baabaasheep Quartet by Leslie Elizabeth Watts

The Baabaasheep QuartetThe Baabaasheep Quartet, written and illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth Watts, tells the story of four sheep who retire from life on the farm and move to the city.  They can't quite seem to fit in so they try to find something to do to help them fit in.  They think they've found the answer when they see a poster advertising a contest.  Some of the letters are missing on the poster but they are convinced it is a Baabaasheep quartet contest and since they all loved to sing they decided to enter.

Anna thought the story was hilarious and it gave me a chance to introduce her to the idea of the Barber Shop Quartets.  When we finished reading the book we went off on a search of YouTube for videos of Barber Shop Quartets and found lots to enjoy.

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