Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Toby and the Big Hair co-authored by Kim and Eugenie Fernandes

Little Toby and the Big HairLittle Toby and the Big Hair is co authored by the mother/daughter team of Kim and Eugenie Fernandes.  In the book a girl named Toby decides she doesn't want to get her hair cut and as it grows longer it causes all kinds of trouble, but Toby doesn't mind.  One day her grandfather tells her that she reminds him of himself and shows her a picture of him with long hair.  He helps her do her hair up nice in braids and ribbons and everyone loves it, but when the day is through her mother helps her take out the ribbons and braids and enjoy her hair in freedom again. The illustrations in the book are done with fimo by Kim Fernandes.  The three dimensional look of the illustrations are incredible and they reminded us of Barabra Reid's work.  Anna and I both really enjoyed both the story and the illustrations.

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