Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plaidypus Lost by Janet Stevens

Plaidypus LostPlaidypus Lost is a great book by the sister team of authors/illustrators Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel.  A little girl's grandmother makes her a special stuffed toy out of her grandfather's old plaid shirt.  She vows to never lose it and takes it with her everywhere she goes, but she keeps losing it!  There are repeated phrases in the book that make it a great book for shared reading.

Anna and I both loved this book.  We read it and over and over and it wasn't long before Anna was reading it on her own.  I loved the idea of the stuffed toy made from the old plaid shirt and wish the book included a pattern for it.

On Susan Steven's Crummel's website you will find one of the most frequently repeated phrases and sample illustrations from Plaidypus Lost.  There is also a page of Teacher Tips for Plaidypus Lost with ideas on ways to have some fun and sneak in some learning related to the book.

Janet Steven's website has a great interactive graphic on the front page that is worth checking out.  Move your cursor all over the page to find all kinds of fun surprises.

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