Thursday, June 23, 2011

Johnny and the Gipsy Moth by Deannie Sullivan-Fraser

Johnny and the Gipsy MothThe story in Johnny and the Gipsy Moth, written by Deannie Sullivan-Fraser and illustrated by Hilda Rose, was inspired by true events in the author's father's childhood.  Johnny has trouble fitting in when his family moves from the big city to a small community, but a special visit from his uncle changes things.  His uncle arrives in a Gipsy Moth airplane and takes Johnny for a ride, stirring up envy and interest from the young boys that liked to make fun of Johnny.  The story is sprinkled with Newfoundland words and sayings and has a one page glossary in the back to explain some of them.  It is a nice book to read just for fun but it can also be used to initiate some social studies lessons about dialects and also about the history of flight in Newfoundland.

To be perfectly truthful I don't think Anna liked the story as much as I did, but I think that is an age factor because she was only 4 when we read it.  I'm thinking we will revisit the book in a year or so as part of our social studies learning.

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