Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Missing Glasses & Sandy and Ruff by Robert C. Parsons

The Missing Glasses & Sandy and Ruff, written and illustrated by Robert C. Parsons is actually two books in one. It is subtitled A Newfoundland and Labrador Draw-and-Tell Story. The inside of the book says "using simple, graphic elements, each of which represents something in the story, a picture is created, usually with a surprise ending.". It is also described as "A Turn Around Book". You flip the book over and around to get the other story. The Missing Glasses is about a boy that lost his glasses. Sandy and Ruff is about a boy and his dog.

Anna loved the stories. While I was reading Sandy and Ruff she copied the simple graphic elements for the story and ended up with a really cute drawing of a dog. I will post a picture of the drawing and fix up this post with links as soon as I'm back to having an Internet connection besides just on my phone.

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