Friday, July 1, 2011

Animals Eating by Pamela Hickman

Animals Eating: How Animals Chomp, Chew, Slurp and Swallow (Animal Behavior)Animals Eating written by Pamela Hickman and illustrated by Pat Stephens, is subtitled How Animals Chomp, Chew, Slurp and Swallow.  The text is divided into the following titled sections: Marvelous mouths; Baleen banquet; Pass the Plants, please; Meat on the menu; Waste not, want not; Quenching a thirst; A liquid diet.  The book is full of interesting text and great illustrations, both of which are used to give information and explain activity ideas.  It is part of a series of books that include Animal Senses and Animals in Motion. On Pamela Hickman's page on the Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia website, I found the following quote from Pamela explaining why her books are activity based: ""It's neat for kids to read about things, but the best thing is for them to muck around and discover things on their own." 

 Anna and I loved this book.  We learned so much from it.  We will definitely be looking for the other books in the series and other books by Pamela Hickman.

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