Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Red Apples by Marion Mineau

In The Red Apples, written by Marion Mineau and illustrated by Shirley Day, Mary sits on her steps looking longingly at the apples in the orchard, but not daring to go into the orchard to pick any because of the calves that are also in the orchard, til one day...  Cute story that tells about Mary's adventures when she finally does decide to tempt fate and how she is successful until she gets greedy.

Unforunately I couldn't find any information about the author or the illustrator, except that the back of the book says the author is from Canada.

Anna loved the story.  I used it as a chance to talk about how no good can ever come of being greedy.


  1. Marion Mineau was my grandmother! When I was a child we would go visit her in Windsor, Ontario. She grew up outside Tilbury, Ontario, near Windsor. She lived from 1916-1992.

    I spoke to my mother before posting this comment and she told me that she grew up with my grandmother telling her this among many stories. The little girl in this book (and in The Lie) is based on the real life experiences of my grandmother. The talent of story-telling is a strong trait on my mother's side of the family.

    I have been trying to collect her 3 books. I have The Flowers. I just ordered The Red Apples. I was doing a search for her books when I came across your blog. I am still looking for The Lie.

    I like your blog. I have a 2.5 year old who loves stories. I'll have to check in here to get some great story ideas. Thanks!

    trixi_8 at yahoo.ca

  2. I am also a grand daughter of Marion Mineau and I love this book too! I love it because I can hear her voice telling the story. She was a great story teller. I miss her warmth.