Monday, July 11, 2011

The Spider in the Woodpile by Terry Morrison, illustrations by Len Walbourne

The Spider in the Woodpile, written by Terry Morrison and illustrationed by Len Walbourne, is a funny story about a spider named Webster.  Webster is delighted to find the perfect home for himself inside a cosy hole in a log.  He's a little concerned when the log moves and he discovers that it's being carried by a man.  Soon, however, he settles down as the log becomes a part of a woodpile.  He curious as to what the man is doing with the logs he carries from the woodpile once in a while but he doesn't give it too much thought until one day it's his log, with him inside it, that the man carries away and tries to throw into a very hot funny shaped black thing.  Luckily he escapes just in time, but that's not the end of his adventures.

Anna really enjoyed this book.  It would be a great book to use to kick of a study of insects.  It is a funny story that children would enjoy and the back of the book gives a bit of information about spiders and may inspire some scientific investigation and learning.  Unforunately the book is not easy to find, but there are copies of it available through the Newfoundland Public Library system.

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