Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pavlova's Gift by Maxine Trottier

Pavlova's Gift written by Maxine Trottier and illustrated by Victoria Berdichevsky, is a fantasy story about Anna Pavlova, a real life historical person.  In real life Anna was a professional ballerina and in this fantasy story she received a letter from the Czar requesting that she dance for his ill son.  On her way to fulfill the request she first meets a gypsy women who gives her a necklace and then comes upon a group of gypsies when her sleigh needs repairs.  It is with this group of gypsies that her night changes.

Anna loved the story, partly because the main character's name was the same as her's and partly because it was about a ballerina.  I thought it was an interesting fantasy story, not as weird as some fantasy stories can get. I think I will probably read it with Anna again in a year or so and use it as a jump off point to learn more about the actual historical person.

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