Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pimple That Wouldn't Stop Growing by Terry Morrison

In The Pimple That Wouldn't Stop Growing, written by Terry Morrison and illustrated by Len Walbourne, Elizabeth wakes up to find a little red pimple on the tip of her nose.  Try as she might to cover it up it just keeps growing until the doctor gives her some ointment to help it shrink.  The illustrations and text are hilarious, to the point of silly, with the greatly exaggerated pimple growing so long that it reaches the doctor's clinic while Elizabeth herself is still two miles away.

Anna got a kick out of the book even though she hasn't had to deal with pimples yet.  It is a good book to use to talk to those that may struggle with pimples and help them understand that the problem is not really as bad as they may feel it is.

Unfortunately I can't find a picture of this book online anywhere and I never thought to take a picture of it when we borrowed it from our library.  We are out of town at the present but when we get home I am going to try to remember to get a picture and edit this post.

This is the second book that I've featured by this duo, the first being The Great Explorer.

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