Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer

Winter Is the Warmest SeasonWinter is the Warmest Season, written and illustrated by Lauren Stringer, is an excellent book to read on a cold winter day.  You can't help but feel a little warmer inside after reading it, and you'll probably find yourself doing some of the things that this book says actually makes winter the warmest season.

Author Lauren Stringer says she was inspired to write the book by a statement her six year old made.  Before that she had illustrated other books but this is the first one that she both wrote and illustrated.    You can read more about how she came to write and illustrate the book on the page devoted to Winter is the Warmest Season on the author's website.  You can also listen to the author read the book on that page.  To be truthful, I didn't really enjoy listening to the author's reading.  It may have been in part because I found the music in the audio to be too overpowering.  I did find another audio of the author reading Winter is the Warmest Season and the music is a little less prominent and irritating in this audio

This book can be the jump of point for all kinds of learning.  Science and social studies themes can be covered through talk about the differences in the seasons and the different activities that people do in the different seasons.  Art themes can be covered as you discuss warm and cold colours and look for them in the book's illustrations.  On Lauren Stringer's website she provides a link to an Activity Guide for Winter is the Warmest Season. The activity guide contains pre-reading and post-reading questions and suggested activities such as talking about the seasons, singing a song about winter to the tune of Mulberry Bush, and discussing warm/cold colours.

It was a long time ago that we read Winter is the Warmest Season but I'm thinking, because of how cold it's been in our area lately, it's time to revisit the book again.

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