Monday, February 14, 2011

Rebecca's Ducks by Angela Moore

Rebecca's Ducks, written by Angela Moore and illustrated by Nancy Keating, is a cute story by a Newfoundland author and a Newfoundland illustrator.  Rebecca loves ducks and has a family of ducks that she loves to visit near her home.  When her family moves to Newfoundland she misses her ducks and is determined to find some near her new home.  Her parents get her other animals but she is not satisfied until she finally has a family of ducks to enjoy again.

Anna and I both enjoyed this book.  The story is a little wordy, but not too bad, and the pictures are very nice.  We especially loved the different borders at the top of each page.

I couldn't find much about the author or the illustrator on line.  There is one page of information about Angela Moore and one page about Nancy Keating, but there is not much information on either.

If you want to use the book as a jump off point to a unit study about ducks, the All About Ducks for Kids page at Kiddy House would be a great resource to use.  It has lots of interesting information about ducks and links to fun activities.

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