Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tales From Tamarack: The Puffin Cove Adventure by Heather Y. Boone

Tales From Tamarack: The Puffin Cove Adventure, written by Heather Y. Boone and illustrated by Missy J. Martin, is a cute story about 4 woodland animals.  The story is set in a woodland near the coast somewhere in Newfoundland.  Before they set off for a day of adventure, the creatures are told by their parents not to wander far from home and to watch out for the puffin.  None of them have ever seen a puffin so they have no idea what a puffin looks like.   They have a great day exploring and learning about some things they come across, like the provincial flower of Newfoundland, the pitcher plant.  Before they realize it they have wandered further then they meant to and see sites they've never seen before.  They even meet a puffin and discover that he's not near as scary as they were made to believe.  The puffin takes them on a tour of his area before helping them find their way back home.

Though the story was a little long it was interesting and Anna and I both enjoyed it.  From the way the story ended I was sure that there were more "Tales for Tamarack" to look forward to, but in all my searching I couldn't find anything about any more books, or anything about the author or illustrator.  The back of the book does give a little blurb about the author and illustrator indicating that they are both natives of Newfoundland.  I was disappointed not to discover more books by them, because we did enjoy this one.

Tales From Tamarack would be a good book to use in a study of Newfoundland.  There is a bit of information in the book about both the provincial flower and the provincial bird, the puffin.  It could also inspire additional learning about other creatures in Newfoundland, including the ones that are the main characters in the story.

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