Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nana's Quilt by Lori Lane and Kathy Winsor

Nana's QuiltNana's Quilt written by Lori Lane and Kathy Winsor and with photography by Jim Costellois, is a story about a little girl that spends the summer with her Nana. They explore St. John's together and work together on quilt blocks about their explorations. At the end of the summer Allie has a beautiful quilt full of memories made by her and her grandmother.

To be perfectly honest, I found the book a bit too wordy, at least for Anna at this age.  We had to break the book up and read it over a couple of days.  I can, however, see us coming back to this book in the future.

The book can inspire all kinds of extra learning.  You could do a study of places in St. John's that are mentioned in the book.  You could also do a study about quilting and learn how to make your own quilt.  The book is written like a journal with each section starting with the day and date, so it could also be used to introduce the idea of journaling.

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