Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Newsletter

365 Days of Children's Books Monthly Newsletter
February 1, 2011

The first month of the 365 Days of Children's Books blog is complete! Thank-you for supporting it either by joining our Facebook page, or by becoming a Follower via blogger, or by subscribing to the feed. I hope you are finding books to enjoy with the children in your life.

Summary of January
31 books were featured.
9 by Newfoundland authors, 8 with Newfoundland illustrators
9 by Canadian authors, 10 with Canadian illustrators
I hope you are taking the time to introduce your child to authors and illustrators from our great province and country.

Vote for your favourite
Which book of the books featured this past month was your favourite? Check out the Vote For Your January Favorite Book Featured page on the blog to cast your vote. You can vote either for one you've read and enjoyed, or one you want to read because it sounds good.

February Challenge - Read a Book a Day with a Child
My local librarian asked me about setting up some kind of a challenge and a recording system to present to our local Children's story group during Family Literacy Day activities. That is what inspired the Book-a-Day Challenge I now have posted on the blog. You can find it listed under Pages in the right hand column of the blog. On that page you will find a challenge, a form, and a spreadsheet.

The challenge is to read at least one book a day to a child and to somehow keep a record of the books you read. If you like, you can use the form on the page to enter all, or some, of the books you read into the spreadsheet on the page. Your information will automatically be entered into the spreadsheet when you fill in the form. The only information you are required to submit is a name and a book title. You may add as much or as little of the other information as you want.

It will be fun to see the spreadsheet fill in as people share the books they are reading. You will notice at the bottom of the spreadsheet it says Sheet1, Jacqueline and Anna's books, Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada. All entries will be automatically be entered into the first sheet and automatically filtered into the other sheets according to your information if it applies.
Edit:  Just a small note that this challenge is open to anyone, not just those in the places mentioned about, it's just that those are the only places registered in the spreadsheets yet.  I'd love to see people from all over participating.

Flanker Press has agreed to donate at least one prize to be given to a participant in the challenge. The winner, or winners, will be randomly chosen at the end of the month and announced in next month's newsletter. Every time you fill in the form you will increase your chances of winning. So get reading and don't forget to fill in the form.

Keep checking the blog for more suggestions of books for you and the child in your life to enjoy. Help spread the word about the blog, facebook page, and contest.

Happy Reading!


  1. That sounds like fun...I wonder if I am up to the challenge? Do we keep track of the books ourselves and then enter them at the end of the challenge? Or enter them as we go?

  2. You can do either, it's completely up to you.