Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Hat for Ivan by Max Lucado

A Hat for Ivan (Lucado, Max)A Hat for Ivan, written by Max Lucado and with illustrations by David Wenzel, is a little book with a big message.  Ivan lives in Hatville, a place where everyone gets a hat of their own when they turn ten.  Ivan's Hat Day is coming close and everyone has a different idea about the perfect hat for Ivan.  Ivan politely accepts, and tries to wear, each hat presented to him but it makes him miserable.  Ivan's father, the Hat Maker, is the only one that truly knows Ivan well enough to make the perfect hat for Ivan, one that will help Ivan be who he really is meant to be.

We borrowed this book from a friend after hearing her talk about what a great book it was, and she was right.  It really is a great book.  I'm not sure that Anna got the big message, but she did enjoy the story.  She probably doesn't need to get the big message from the book right now.  Maybe it's me that needed the message.  I think I'm going to have to get our own coy of this book so that when she does need the message we can read it again and discuss the the big message hidden in this cute story.

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