Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not a Box written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis

Not a BoxDon't let the seemingly boring look of this book fool you.  Not a Box, written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis, is a book you don't want to miss.  The book looks so plain and simple, and it is, but it's the plainness and simpleness of it that makes it so profound.  The book is about a bunny that imagines a simple box is all kinds of amazing different things and is rather insulted by a grown-up that keeps referring to the box as a box, because it is so much more than a box to the bunny.  I'm sure that this book will remind every parent and child of a time when they had all kinds of imaginative fun with a simple box.  The story is told mostly through the simple pictures with just a few simple words added in.

This is the first book I've read by this author but according to Antoinette Portis' website she has written three other books and has another one coming out this fall.  I will definitely be keeping an eye out for all of her books.

Anna was thrilled with this book for so many reasons.  Boxes have always been some of her favorite playthings so she could very much relate to the bunny.  She was also excited because she could read it all by herself.  The scarcity and repetition of the words makes it a great book for beginning readers.

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