Friday, February 4, 2011

And You Can Come Too by Ruth Ohi

And You Can Come TooWe loved And You Can Come Too, written and illustrated by Canadian Ruth Ohi.

After what starts as a fun day at home turns sour, Sara decides to run away.  Little sister, Anne, decides to go with her. Dad offers to help set up a tent in the yard for them to stay in and also brings them snacks.  Then he reads them some books.  Next thing they know it's starting to get dark and Mom ends up at the tent bringing pillows and blankets for everyone.  The whole family ends up enjoying the tent.

How could you not love such a cute story!  Part of the appeal to us was the fact that the names are so close to our own girls names but the text and illustrations added to the appeal.

On Ruth Ohi's website you will see that she has authored and illustrated a number of books.  This is the first book by Ruth Ohi that we read but since then we've found another, which will be featured this coming Tuesday, and we will be watching for more.

And You Can Come Too is a good book to use to initiate discussions about conflict resolutions, but it's also great to read just for fun.

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