Monday, March 7, 2011

What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns by Catherine Hogan Safer

What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns?What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns, written by Catherine Hogan Safer and illustrated by Hilda Rose, is a hilarious story about a little boy that picks all the raisins out of his mom's buns, and sticks them to the living room wall, and adds doodles to make them look like spiders, and all just as company comes to their house for tea and buns!  The story starts with just a phrase on a page.  That phrase is repeated and added to on the next page.  The next page repeats what was on the previous page and adds more, and so on.

Along with have fun text, the book also has fun illustrations.  The illustrator has even incorporated a couple of lady bugs having their own conversation throughout the pages of the book.

The author of What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns is a homesick Newfoundlander living in Nova Scotia and this is her first children's book, while the illustrator, who also lives in Nova Scotia, has illustrated a number of books.

Anna loved this book and every since we first read it she has been asking to make raisin buns, my only concern is that she's planning to copy the boy's antics in What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns.

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