Friday, March 25, 2011

Elliot's Fire Truck by Andrea Beck

Elliot's Fire Truck (Elliot Moose)Elliot's Fire Truck, written and illustrated by Andrea Beck is a fun book!  Elliot the Moose wants to play fire fighter, but he runs into a problem. All his friends want to be firefighters, too, and nobody wants to be the one that needs rescuing.  Finally they talk two of the littlest toys into being the ones that need rescuing, but in a funny turn of events they end up being the rescuers.

Anything that has a firefighter theme catches Anna's eye because her dad and big brother are both fire fighters.  She thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the illustrations in this book.

On Andrea Beck's website there is a link to a recording of Andrea Beck reading Elliot's Fire Truck.  There is also an Elliot Memory Match Game and Step by step instructions on how to Draw Elliot Moose, among other things.  Her website is well worth checking out.  There you will also find a list of other books written by Andrea Beck.

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