Saturday, March 5, 2011

The End by David LaRochelle

The EndThe End, written by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Richard Egielski, is a very different book. It is your typical fairy tale with "They lived happily ever after" and "Once upon a time". It even includes a princess, a knight, and a dragon. But, what makes it different is that the story is told backwards! 

There are few words per page and the illustrations are great.  Anna and I spent more time sizing up the pictures than we did reading the words.

On David LaRochelle's website are some great resources.  The page dedicated to The End includes a Teaching Guide for The End, as well as a letter writing activity, a creative drawing activity, a writing backwards activity, and ideas for a backwards party .  In LaRochelle's own words, these things will "build on the learning opportunities found within The End?"

This time around Anna and I simply enjoyed it as a fun book but I will definitely come back to The End again in the future for a literature study about fairy tales.

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