Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother Hen's Canada by Kenneth M. Mercer

Mother Hen's Canada, written by Kenneth M. Mercer with illustrations by Clara (Maher) Dunne & Danielle Dunne, is an interesting fable.  Mother Hen wants a family so she sets about gathering eggs from all around the farmyard, not noticing if they are all chicken eggs or not.  Once the eggs hatch she tries to make a happy family of the little creatures, differences and all, but soon gets upset with the difference and the squabbles and tries to enforce some rules.  The little creatures are  none to happy and poor mother hen wears herself out and becomes quite sick trying to keep them all together.

Little ones will enjoy this story simply for the simple little story, but adults will realize the bigger story.  I thought this would be an interesting book to feature at this time while our country is gearing up for it's 41st General Election. While it's not a terribly well written book, it is kind of an interesting look at Canada and I'm glad we read it.

I found this book at our local library and the only information I could find online about the book is on the book illustrations page of Clara  Dunne's website.  Clara and her daughter co-illustrated the book.

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