Sunday, March 27, 2011

Noah's Ark by Barbara Shook Hazen

By Barbara Shook Hazen: Noah's Ark (Little Golden Book)We borrowed Noah's Ark, retold by Barbara Shook Hazen and illustrated by Tibor Gergely, from a friend.  It tells the Biblical story of Noah's ark.  Anna and I really enjoyed checking out the detailed illustrations.  I especially found it interesting that the author suggested Noah kept the animals in pens in his yard while waiting to finish the ark, making his yard like a zoo.  Not sure how biblically accurate it is but it is an interesting suggestion.

This is A Little Golden Book and the cover posted here is not actually the cover on the copy of the book that we have.  I like the cover on the book we have much better.  I'm assuming the cover I found on amazon is from a newer edition while the copy we have is an older edition.  I found a copy of the cover of Noah's Ark that we have on flicker.  I also discovered a website dedicated to the illustrator, Tibor Gergely (1900-1978).  On that site you can find some of the illustrations from Noah's Ark.

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