Thursday, March 10, 2011

At Ocean's Edge by Susan Chalker Browne

Anna and I took a number of days to read At Ocean's Edge, written by Susan Chalker Browne and illustrated by Mel D'Souza.  It is a 10 chapter book that tells the true story about when members of the Cantwell family, a family that manned the lighthouse at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, for six generations, helped save the crew of a ship that broke apart near their shore.  The book is full of lots of interesting history lessons. It has many words and few pictures so it was a little advanced for Anna at this time but we spread it out over many days and that made it manageable. Anna was interested in the story and we will definitely come back to the book in a year or two to make the most of the history lessons in it.

Susan Chalker Browne is a Newfoundlander that has written a number of books, while Mel D'Souza lives in Ontario but describes Newfoundland as his home away from home and has illustrated a number of books, many of them with a Newfoundland theme.

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