Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl

Silly Lilly and the Four SeasonsSilly Lilly and the Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl is a Toon Book.  With a few words per page, the book explores the different activites that Lilly enjoys during the different seasons of the year.

A toon book is an easy to  read comic book and while I'm not normally a fan of comic books, I do like this one.  Anna thought it was great.

Agnes Rosenstiehl, the author and illustrator of the book, lives in Paris and is said to be "one of France's most esteemed children's book authors".  There is a sequel to this book that we will be watching for.

On the Toon Books site there is a great First Grade Lesson Plan for Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons.  It includes ideas like focusing on identifying certain words from the story, cutting up sentences to be put back together, etc.

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