Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carry Me, Mama by Monica Devine

Carry Me MamaCarry Me, Mama, written by Monica Devine and illustrated by Pauline Paquin, is a wonderful story for little ones about growing up. When Katie was little her mother used to carry Katie in her hood with her wherever she went.  When Katie got too big for the hood she had to walk, but she really wanted to be carried.  Her mother gradually took her on longer walks until finally Katie got used to walking, but she still liked to be carried to bed.

Anna and I loved this book.  One thing that Anna wasn't impressed with was the fact that there were no facial features on the characters in the book.  That gave us the chance to talk about how different artists have different styles and why artist do what they do.  I suggested that maybe the artist didn't give the characters facial features so that you could imagine that they looked however you wanted them to look.  Anna decided she still would rather that the artist draw the facial features.

Monica Devine is a retired speech therapist living in Alaska and this is just one of four children's books she has written.  Pauline Paquin  is a self taught artist from Quebec.

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